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About the Owner

Welcome to Second Home Boarding; a safe, loving place for your cats and dogs when they need to be away from their own homes!  My name is Julia Bianchi and I'm the owner of Second Home Boarding. In 2007, as an Animal Science major at Colorado State University, I took a job as a Veterinary Technician at a local small animal veterinary hospital.  I had no idea that taking that job would change my life and the way I view animals. Working in the veterinary field allowed me to learn  a great deal of  medical knowledge and helped me  to understand animals’ body language, to properly comfort animals in times of need, and to react to each pet’s personality differences. 
I knew that becoming a veterinarian was not my dream, but as I continued my career over the next 12 years as a veterinary technician and, more recently a manager of a veterinary clinic, I developed the desire to take all of the knowledge and experience I had with dogs and cats and put those skills towards something that became my dream:, opening a boarding facility and daycare for dogs and cats. I have worked at several clinics that have boarding facilities  and also have seen how other boarding facilities are run when using them for my own pets. I’ve always felt that I could offer clients more for their pets, give better options to the animals while they are away from home, and help decrease stress that naturally occurs with pets when they are not with their owners. Understanding the minds of dogs and cats is so important when at boarding and daycare facilities,  and I now am confident that I can take that knowledge and give your pets a superior experience. So many of us look at our pets as our children, and we want them to be cared for in the same way. Like a second home I want the best for your pet and look forward to the opportunity to give your loved one that feeling while they are  away from home.

Green Eyed Cat

What to Expect During Your Pet's Stay

Second Home Boarding's mission is to create a fun, comfortable, and stress-reduced environment for each pet. We focus on the appropriate amount of play and rest needed for your pet depending on personality, age, and individual needs.

All pets are supplied with fresh water throughout the day and are placed in their own space unless with another family member. If a pet is staying overnight, food should either be provided by the owner. Each pet will also have an ample amount of bedding supplied to them by Second Home Boarding, as long as they don’t have a habit of chewing it.


Some stress is normal with boarding and play dates, but we focus on making our facility as stress-free as possible by tuning in to each pets needs and finding ways to properly comfort them and give them the right type of attention that will help them feel more "at home."


Second Home Boarding knows how important it is to stimulate each pet and individualize each pet’s daily activities based on their age and personality.  We realize that play time and rest time are equally important, and every animal will be rotated throughout the day from the play yard, to their personal suites as needed. We are able to provide one-on-one play time for those that only like to socialize with people as well as group play for those that like the company of other pets and people! Our group play sessions are always small to lessen the likelihood of a negative experience and to allow for more personal time between our staff and your pet. 


All cats will also have the opportunity to play outside of their kennels in our indoor cat area. All cats will have individual play time only, never in a group unless with their own family member. 


Second Home Boarding offers a high standard of expertise and experience in the care of cats and dogs, which allows pet owners to feel comfortable and confident about the well-being of their beloved pets.

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